Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of California, Los Angeles, 2011


Hiroko Nobuta is an assistant professor in the Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology and Neurosurgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and a resident faculty member at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine. She received postdoc training in David Rowitch’s lab at UCSF and Marius Wernig’s lab at Stanford in the field of oligodendrocyte biology and disease. She contributed to the discovery of disease mechanism and a therapeutic direction for pediatric leukodystrophy Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease. Dr. Nobuta’s current research interests focus on developing regenerative medicine for oligodendrocyte disorders such as leukodystrophies, multiple sclerosis using stem cell, cellular reprogramming, and gene engineering.

Research Focus

Human glia development and disease, Regenerative medicine for human glia disorders

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Druckenmiller Fellow Postdoctoral Fellowship, New York Stem Cell Foundation

Career Transition Award, National Multiple Sclerosis Society