Postdoctoral Fellow - Computational Neuroscience

Reporting to the Principal Investigator, the Postdoctoral Fellow will conduct mouse brain slice electrophysiology and optogenetics experiments and/or conduct computational neuroscience and biology inspired machine learning research, depending on their interests. The Postdoctoral Fellow will work on projects related to top-down cortical supervision of hippocampal learning, which we theorize depends on a unique form of plasticity called behavioral timescale synaptic plasticity (BTSP) that is induced by a special neuronal signaling event called a dendritic calcium spike, or plateau potential. The position is fully funded by NIMH through an NSF-NIH Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience research grant awarded to Dr. Milstein. The project is a collaboration with Dr. Christine Grienberger at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. The position represents a unique opportunity to be co-mentored by multiple investigators at the forefront of the field and includes the potential for travel to interact with experimental collaborators and to attend national and international research conferences. This is a grant-funded position contingent on the availability of funds to support it.