Dad’s gut microbes matter for pregnancy health and baby’s growth

May 1, 2024 • Nature News & Views
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Dr. Veerus and Dr. Blaser from CABM co-authored a Nature News & Views article discussing the original research by Dr. Argaw-Denboba and colleagues. Argaw-Denboba et al. used mice to investigate how antibiotic-induced disruptions in father's gut microbiota can impact not only their and their mating partner's reproductive tissues, but also the health of next generation. Altered gut microbiota led to changes in the prospective fathers' testes and sperm, leading to heightened risks of severe growth problems and shorter lifespan in some of their offspring. While questions remain about the underlying bacterial signalling mechanisms and implications for human health, the study highlights the potential influence of antibiotics on remote events and underscores the importance of studying epigenetic factors on intergenerational health.

Publication by Dr. Ayele Argaw-Denboba, Dr. Jamie A. Hackett, and colleagues:

Nature News & Views publication by Dr. Liisa Veerus, Dr. Martin J. Blaser, Dr. Yoel Sadovsky, and Dr. Eldin Jašarević:

Nature podcast interview with Dr. Jamie A. Hackett and Dr. Liisa Veerus: